FreeSpace allow to respect the max space limit of GMAIL

FreeSpace of BACKUPIFY is a free APP for Google GMAIL that identify all attachment too large, present in the email account. FreeSpace allow to delete or archive by downloading the mail. So is possible to reduce drastically the amount of space occuped by the emails before they reach the maximum limit of quota. The user can decide easily what mail securely download among the most large, then he can delete the copy of message present in GMAIL, freeing up storage space

The feature, in my opinion, most interesting is that FreeSpace is a tool for single email user and for all email user of an email domain. So the Google Apps Administrator of an email domain can use FreeSpace to identify who are the user that occupy more space and can show them what are the emails that have attachments heavier to delete. FreeSpace is a tool useful to prevent reaching the maximum storage quota for all the accounts of a domain (the quota limit is:  free 10 GB, and paid 25 GB).