How to Send large files up to 30 GB free

If you need to send very heavy files or folders (e.g. 2 GB) by email, most email providers will not allow you to use your inbox.

You can circumvent this limitation by taking advantage of the service offered by the FILEMAIL website

Through this site you must:
  • select the huge files present on your computer and that you have to send, 
  • write your email address and the recipient's address
  • enter a title (subject) and a text for the message. 
Then press enter and start uploading your file to the FILEMAIL servers.

Once the upload has been completed, the website sends an email to the recipient containing the link to click to procede the download of the file.

In essence, the recipient receives only the file link in his mailbox, and has a predefined number of days to download the file,

This website offers 3 tariff plans (with different characteristics), one of which is completely free of charge.
  • Free FILEMAIL 
  • FILEMAIL Pro - €8,15/month
  • FILEMAIL Business - €15.00/month
Already with the free FILEMAIL plan you have a remarkable service at your disposal:
  • Maximum size of annexes: 30 GB
  • Days of availability on servers: 7 
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Tracking of items
In addition, there is a specific FILEMAIL APP for Android and iPhone/iPAD devices so you can easily send huge files from smartphones and tablets.

[Web Link]: FILEMAIL

FILEMAIL Free is one of the few services that provides free of charge such a large space (30 GB), usually you get to a maximum of 2 GB. You can also use FILEMAIL Free of charge without having to register an account.

Directly from the FAQs of the site you can learn that FILEMAIL servers are connected directly to the main networks of Level3, GTT, NTT, Tata, NLayer, AMS-IX, Cogent and many others with BGP4. This means that all file transfers are faster than other cloud services.