Java 8 error 1603 - update did not complete - How to Resolve?

The Java runtime environment should always be kept updated to the latest version available, both for efficiency and safety. Unfortunately, sometimes the unexpected can happen, and after upgrading to the latest version of software, the software itself stops working!
If you want to upgrade your JAVA environment , currently you must install the Java 8 update 25. Unfortunately, under certain conditions, it may happen that the installation is not successful and it is shown an Error Code 1603.
Java 8 and 1603 error code after installation 

One reason for this failure is the Bug ID: 8050838 (described in the Java Bug Database) which essentially prevents the correct installation of Java on the computer with Windows Operating Systems (8.0, 8.1) Professional / Enterprise that they are already joined to an Active Directory Domain and are localized in a language other than English (Italian, Russian, German, etc.).

The problem is by installing a version of JAVA including the 1.7 update 55 until the 1.8 update 25 (official) but also in beta until the 1.8 update 39 (unofficial)

ORACLE has finally solved the problem by correcting the bug from version 1.8 update 40 beta (build 12). The solution is then to use the beta version of the latest Java (available here), which have already fixed the bug.

On Windows Pro 8.1 64-bit already joined to an Active Directory Domain I solved the problem by installing the beta Java 8 update 40 (build 20) 64-bit! The error 1603 did not appear and the installation was successful. To further check just type the command "java -version" from the command prompt and check that the data shown are consistent with the version installed. 
For the record, you can also work around the problem by installing the Java version 8 update 25 before joining the computer to the Active Directory domain.