How to Print the SMS of BlackBerry?

Who owns a BlackBerry Phone can connect it via USB port (with the appropriate cable) to his PC and can use the Desktop Manager Software supplied to perform the backup of all the data present in his phone directly to his computer.
The result is a single file with the extension .IPD containing: Contacts, SMS, Dialed and Received Calls, etc..
However, they are NOT directly readable or accessible!

To access the individual data you need to use a third party software such as Magic Berry
Magic Berry of Mena Step Innovative Solutions in version 3.5.0 is free, but registration is required at the site (free) to download it.

It can access the information saved in the file Backup.IPD regarding:
  • SMS
  • Received and Dialled Calls
  • Address Book entries
  • Agenda
  • Activity
  • Notes
In addition, for each of these items you can export the data as a .CSV (Comma Separated Value) , readable by Excel / OpenOffice to print them later.

*Upgrade - news from Mena Step's Website:
"MagicBerry Version 3.5.0 can convert between IPD and BBB files (unencrypted, with NO password). It will be very easy to work between BBB files for windows and Mac desktop manager.
Also we have implemented many other features requested by our users such as:
  • Searching inside IPD records
  • Setting delimiter character
  • Exporting media files
  • Adding help file as PDF
and still we are working on many others...."
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