OpenDNS - Replacement for improving DNS performance and security

OpenDNS is a free site that provides its own DNS (Domain Name Services) for resolving Internet names into IP addresses. 

The advantages are: 
1) Provides a faster navigation of Web sites. 
2) Identify fraudulent websites (phishing) and allows you to surf the Web safely. 
3) Corrects typos of Web sites identifying the correct site that you would like to visit. 

The operation to perform, to access the service, is to replace the primary and secondary DNS provided by your Internet provider with those of OpenDNS: 
1° DNS =
2° DNS =
In addition, by registering on the site and adding its own static IP address to the control panel you can perform additional tasks such as: 
4) to receive daily statistics on sites visited or the amount of traffic generated. 
5) receive reports on malware in your PC network (when the E-virus visit suspicious sites on the control panel appears written Malware / Botnet Activity Detected). 
6) prevent access to specific sites or categories of sites (such as games, social networking, sites for adults) by adopting the so-called "parental control". 

OpenDNS is also suitable for companies or in places where there is a LAN with many PCs that access the Internet through a single connection. In this case it is better to configure your Internet router (and not the individual PC) by entering the DNS of OpenDNS
For those who use Zeroshell as a router, here is the page explaining the steps to follow: http://www.zeroshell.net/opendns/ 
There is also a paid version that provides more advanced services and features. You can also install software to use OpenDNS even if you do not have a static IP address (such as happens to those who use not permanently internet connections).

I found this service very useful in business in order to prevent user access to entire categories of websites that are NOT of STRICTLY BUSINESS interest. In addition, the function of malware signaling was useful to discover the presence of viruses that even the antivirus on the PC were not able to find out!