STICKIES: notes and colors on desktop

Stickies is a free utility with which you can write reminders on your desktop (the equivalent of colored slip of paper and sticky going to attack anywhere).

Among the notable features the ability to point out: 
1) use different colors for each "package". 
2) use different fonts, sizes, font styles. 
3) store, discard, retrieve, export the package. 
4) include an alarm reminder to show only when appropriate.
5) insert images. 
6) customize the "themes" or "skin" of the leaflets. 

But the feature I like best is the ability to send reminders to other users connected to the same LANFrom the book of STIKIES you can choose to which and to how many users send reminders (with confirmation of receipt).Also you can update in real time the shared address book for all users stickies on the internal network. This enables some scenarios in companies with very large offices or arranged on different floors. For example: "I remember a meeting with my colleague in an office which is 3 floors below me and that is currently busy on the phone? Well then I send him a reminder using stickies!" 
Another feature allows you to send reminders by email

[LINK] Stickies

I use this software since version 5 (now we are at 7.1a), I'm excited and I think it useful to write reminders for myself and for other office users.
In one company than I knowm it is used "heavy" side by side with the utility "sticky server" that manages the shared address book for all users on the LAN.

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